Red Deer (Cervus elaphus scoticus) are widely distributed throughout New Zealand and originate from some of the prestigious game parks in the United Kingdom.


The characteristics of these herds in New Zealand were preserved for many years by geographical isolation. For example the Otago region had animals sourced from Scotland with typical recognizable features. Similarly the Rakaia, Nelson and Wairarapa herds were derived from English game parks. Over time, however, the purity of these lines has become diluted and therefore the antler structures less clearly distinctive from any given area.


A truly magnificant animal to see in the Roar, the Red Stag is a  very vocal and active animal who will fight to defend their own territory and hinds. The Rut is a great period to hunt these animals as they become very active during the day.


All Red Stag hunts are done on our own Ranch.


Red Stag